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Broschüre - Wenn ein geliebter Mensch stirbt...

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Dokumente Handlungsempfehlung Sterbephase

Handlungsempfehlung Sterbephase - deutsprachige Version

Therapieempfehlungen Handlungsempfehlung Sterbephase

10 Steps Implementierungsprogramm

International Model Document ICP



Does the ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ facilitate an improvement in quality of care for dying cancer patients?

A before–after cluster phase II trial of outcomes reported by family members

Controversy around the Liverpool Care Pathway – the fundamental issue is consent

Evaluating effectiveness of the GSFCH and LCP in care homes

Best care for the dying patient

LCP DGP und palliative ch - Stellungnahme

Nigel Sykes Lancet Oncology - The end of the Liverpool Care Pathway?

The Liverpool Care Pathwa for the dying: what went wrong? - Journal of General Practice, Oct 13

Lessons from the Liverpool Care Pathway—evidence is key

Liverpool Care Pathway for patients with cancer in hospital: a cluster randomised trial

Sterben wird Teil des Lebens - LCP Artikel SBK Zeitschrift Januar 2014

Article to "The challenges of changing the culture of dying; John E Ellershaw

Review of the LCP

Review of Complaints End of Life Care

Wenn das Sterben im Spital Teil des Lebens wird_palliative_ch_2-2014



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